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    Among the Top 2% of Hospitals in the Nation

    The only hospital in LA County to receive a
    5-star rating from Medicare

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    Methodist Hospital

    Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Innovation, Safety.


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    Offering a Multitude of Award-Winning Health Services

    From advanced cardiovascular techniques
    to comprehensive stroke care and more

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    Methodist Hospital's Dan Ausman

    LA Business Journal Hospital CEO of the Year

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    Critical Care Unit Hosts 1st Wedding Anniversary Celebration for Former Patient

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Exceptional Care at Methodist Hospital of Southern California

Learn What Sets Our Hospital Apart from the Rest!

When you are in need of medical services in Southern California, you will be in good hands at Methodist Hospital of Southern California. We are LA County’s only Medicare 5-star rated hospital. The people who come here are treated with compassion and respect, and often create lifelong relationships with our staff. Knowing you have a medical team you can rely on can be a major source of comfort when dealing with a medical emergency.

Prepared for Emergencies

We are a full-service hospital, meaning we provide medical services for virtually any condition. We have been designated a center of excellence for our stroke care, joint and knee replacement, weight loss surgery services, heart care, and more.

Situated in one of the busiest parts of the country, we see thousands of patients every year and have dealt with medical situations many doctors may never witness in their entire career. These experiences keep our staff sharp and ready to quickly respond to numerous emergency conditions. We see an average of more than 57,000 patients in our Emergency department each year. Though it is unfortunate any time a child requires an emergency department visit, we are proud to say our ED has been officially approved for pediatrics where we provide young patients with the best critical care possible. We have been ranked as one of the top ten safest hospitals in the country by the SafeCare Group.

Advanced Technology & Personalized Care

Los Angeles County has designated us as both a heart attack and stroke receiving center. We have also been recognized by the American College of Surgeons as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Center. Our numerous awards and recognitions are the result of the decimated care our staff provides patients and the state-of-the-art technology we utilize for diagnoses and treatments. Visit us the next time you require medical services to find out for yourself why we are one of the top hospitals in the country.

Learn More from Our Doctors

  • Vascular Surgery by Peter Lin MD

  • Stroke by KC Tan MD

  • Bariatric Surgery by Troy Lamar MD

  • Fall Prevention by Chugo Rinoie DPM

  • Stents by Grace Huang MD

  • Aortic Valve Replacement by Eli Capouya MD

  • Colorectal Cancer Anamaria Garza MD

  • Diabetes by James Lin MD

  • Hand Arthritis by Steven Lin MD

  • Carpal Tunnel by Amir Mostofi MD

  • Spine Surgery by Joe Lee MD

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest by Michael Cao MD

  • Colon Cancer by Hanson Lee

  • Pulmonary Disease by Elton Katagihara MD

  • Colorectal Cancer by Petar Vukasin MD

  • Heavy Menstrual Bleeding by Anya Rose MD

  • Diabetes by Nirmal Banskota MD

  • Back Pain by Joe Lee MD

  • Kidney Stones by Benjamin Yuh MD

  • Weekend Warrior Injuries by Pamela Luk MD

  • Knee ACL Injuries by Gregory Heinen MD

  • Breast Cancer by Jeannie Shen MD

  • Asthma by Shiela Bonilla-Tandoc MD

  • Ankle Arthritis by Braden Criswell MD

  • Weight Loss Surgery by Asok Doraiswamy MD

  • Colon Cancer by Elias Tarakji MD

  • Bariatric Procedures by Daniel Moon MD

  • Vascular Disease by Jeffrey Kronson MD

  • CT Scan by Leon Lis MD

  • Knee Replacement by John Quigley MD

  • Liver Cancer by KC Tan MD

  • Lung Cancer by James Wu MD

  • Atrial Fibrillation by Xiushi Liu MD

  • Hearing Loss by Alan Fisher MD

  • Stroke by Jacob Fakoory MD

  • Cancer Prevention by David Chu MD

  • Hip Replacement by Daniel Laster MD

  • Birth Defects by Andrew Yeh MD

  • Lung Cancer by Hugh Davis MD

  • H. pylori and Ulcers by Chester Zahn MD

  • Diabetic Leg Procedure by KC Tan MD

  • Sleep Disorders by Pratap Saraf MD

  • Electrophysiology by Michael Cao MD

  • Heart Attack Symptoms by Terrence Baruch MD

  • Pancreatic Cancer by Henry Wang MD

  • Kidney Disease by Ilian Marquez MD

  • Shoulder Pain by Rishi Garg MD

  • Sinus by Ted Shen MD

  • Brain Tumors by Gregory Withers MD

  • Weight Loss Surgery by Daniel Moon MD

  • Diabetes by Haresh Khilnani MD

  • Anti-aging by Shirley Chi MD

  • Heart Attacks by Alan Kuo MD

  • Strokes by Kenneth Wogensen MD

  • Heart Attacks by Heiner Vogelbach MD

  • Cancer Treatments by Henry Wang MD

  • Diabetes by Sam Chia MD

  • Join Replacement by Rodney Barnhart MD

  • Ovarian Cancer by Alan Schlaerth MD

  • Bone Infection by Atia Shah MD

  • Chronic Wounds by Elizabeth Lee MD

  • Emergency Medicine by James Burke MD

  • Imaging Technology by Jose Tandoc MD

  • Heart Attack Symptoms and Treatment by Stephen Soldo MD

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