A Message From Our Nurses


It has been over a month since Methodist Hospital initiated its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were all aware of this threat for weeks as we watched illness and death caused by the virus wreak havoc around the world, and we watched anxiously as the threat became a reality in our own communities, in our own hospital, and in our lives.

In response, we all had to rise to this challenge, sacrifice some personal freedom, change work priorities in an instant, manage critical resources, and develop a plan for a disaster response that required immense collaboration on a scale even healthcare workers find daunting.

Even during this sobering time, Methodist Hospital continues to stand in strong support of its healthcare workers on the front lines, and we want you to know how grateful we are. It is a gift to us all that our senior executives and the Board of Directors have created a financially strong organization that is able to withstand the intense pressures of this pandemic, enabling nurses to concentrate completely on the needs of our patients.

It is a gift to us all that our community is so very generous with donations so that the hospital does not experience a shortage of masks or other essential PPE.

It is a gift to work with our physicians, whose courage and expertise guide us through this pandemic.

It is a gift to work with our diagnostic and ancillary colleagues who work beside us in caring for patients and who offer support wherever needed.

It is a gift to work alongside our Facilities staff, who so very diligently keep our physical plant in good repair; and to work with EVS staff who perform tirelessly day and night to keep patient rooms, hallways, and our offices clean, and who provide scrubs when and where needed.

It is a gift to have the daily support of our Materials Management staff who keeps us supplied in PPE, and our Nutritional Services staff, who provide healthy meals to patients and employees.

It is a gift to receive support from our Risk and IT departments, who always respond rapidly to requests for assistance, and who provide rapid resolution to our concerns.

It is a gift to receive guidance and support from our Infection Control department as they make themselves available day and night to answer questions and update us as new guidelines are issued.

Without the selfless support from all of our hospital colleagues, we nurses would not be able to do our job, and we are so very grateful for the commitment you have shown to us, our hospital and our community.

For all of this and more, we Thank You!

Nursing Services

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