Hospital Price Transparency

At Methodist Hospital of Southern California, we believe understanding your healthcare options and what it will cost is important. To help you make an informed decision, we have provided the below pricing resources to help you estimate your out-of-pocket costs.

Hospital price transparency helps Americans know the cost of a hospital item or service before receiving it. Starting January 1, 2021, each hospital operating in the United States will be required to provide clear, accessible pricing information online about the items and services they provide in two ways:

  1. As a comprehensive machine-readable file with all items and services.
  2. In a display of shoppable services in a consumer-friendly format.

This information will make it easier for consumers to shop and compare prices across hospitals and estimate the cost of care before going to the hospital.

List of Prices and Cost of Services

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is intended to help you better understand the potential out-of-pocket costs for healthcare services. The information is not a quote, nor is it a guarantee of payment or benefits for healthcare services. If you have insurance, your insurance policy (including deductibles, co-pay, co-insurance, out-of-pocket maximums, covered services and medical necessity) will further determine the amount owed. The estimate does not include any physician or professional service costs, including, but not limited to, office visits, surgeon, anesthesiologist, emergency room physician, radiologist, pathologist, consulting physicians, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, physical therapist, etc. or costs for prescription drugs administered through prescription drug benefit programs.